The accessibility of music is perhaps it’s most powerful aspect. The ability to register, understand and appreciate a piece of music with little to no context makes it such a transcendent art form. And transcendence the ability to move beyond music straight into the consciousness is how Distruction Boyz’ brand of gqom can be described. The Durban duo has not been around for very long yet their music has already reached anthemic status. More than music gqom has become the drum-driven symbolic sound of South Africa’s unyielding musical potential and Distruction Boyz are at the forefront of this movement. Still riding the wave of their BET Nomination for Best International Act, Distruction Boyz took the time to talk to CSA about music, life and what it means to be icons leading a burgeoning musical revolution.

Note: Following the initial publication of this article, Distruction Boyz won the South African Music Award for Record of The Year.

Words: Tshiamo Seape



Welcome. So, for those who don’t know, where did the two of you meet and when did you start working together?

We grew up in the same neighbourhood. Our parents were and still are friends so spending a lot of time together just came naturally – I think we were also going to end up working together one way or another.


Gqom is the Future, your debut album is a phenomenon, it’s become something like the national anthem. How was the process of coming up with and eventually recording the songs?

To be honest it was just a lot of fun making the album. We really enjoyed the journey of creating something one of a kind for us and the people we grew up with.


It’s become known that you’ve only really made it as a gqom producer when you hear your songs blasted from inside a taxi. So, tell us about the first time you heard Gqom Is The Future coming from a taxi back home.

It wasn’t something new because we already had a lot of music playing in the taxis way before the album was released but what we were most happy about is seeing the huge amount of support from taxi drivers and commuters that they actually bought the hard copy.



What has made gqom so popular – why does it resonate so much with people?

What made Gqom so popular is the unique sound that it has introduced to people all around the world.


The gqom community is relatively small and still quite localised but what do you think it will take for there to be gqom producers from all parts of the country?

Hard work and perseverance. We also need to come together in the musical community and give up and coming musicians a chance to showcase their talents.


Having reached your levels of success means making a lot of your dreams come true, but what are some of the goals you still have set for yourselves?

We are still pushing hard to reach our dreams we are not there as yet.


How did you celebrate the news of your BET Nomination?

We really haven’t had time to celebrate because of all the travelling and gigs we are attending.



Where do you see gqom’s limits? Where would you like to see the genre evolve in the future?

Gqom has no limits or should we say music has no limits. You just keep on experimenting until you find something new and something that you like


What other musical styles are the both of you influenced by and could we expect Distruction Boyz to branch out into other genres?

We are heavily influenced by Hip Hop music.


Here at CSA, we like uncovering fresh talent and exposing them to the world, so: who are some up and coming artists that Distruction Boyz feel are worth shouting out?

BlaQRhythm. Keep your eyes and ears open – he’s going to be big.


What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

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