We caught up with our favourite House DJ, Euphonik, who needs no introduction from us! For this very reason, we decided to play the trivia game… Let’s see how well you really know the King of House




CSA: Where did you grow up?
EUPHONIK: In Benoni, Johannesburg.


Where was your very first show?
In Benoni at a friend’s Birthday party.


Where did you play your all-time favourite show?
This year at Ultra Music Festival, Miami.


What was the best advise you’ve been given?
Love what you do and do what you love!


Who/ What has inspired you recently?
I’m constantly inspired by people, everywhere, especially when I travel.


A few of your favourite things:
Food: I don’t really have a favourite!
Brand: G-Star
Favourite City in the world: New York City
Holiday Destination: Miami, Florida


Your all-time favourite track?
My favourite, go-to track has to be Runaway Love


What is your hidden talent?
If I have to say, I’m really good at fixing things!


Have you always been interested in making music or is this something that just happened?
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make music since I can remember.

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