Pro-skater Jean-marc Johannes is known for his groundbreaking stunt repertoire, having done some crazy stuff – like jumping containers suspended 10m in the air – but on the 14th of March he attempted his biggest trick yet when he showed Cape Town what it means to #LIVEWITHHEART Words: Bianca Agenbag
As part of the official Red Heart Rum Crew alongside other top talents such as Kwesta, Breyton Paulse, Falko One, and Fixin’ Diaries, Jean-Marc accepted the challenge to “do something for the first time” in order to inspire others to live with heart.
As a bold, fearless and out of the box individual Jean-marc chose the Liesbeek River, a spot in Cape Town that is considered completely unfit for skating, to perform his career-altering stunt. Through a range of back-to-back tricks, he managed to launch himself off a ramp, perfectly sticking a kickflip onto a 5m high bridge, landing on an area less than 1m wide and from there letting balance and momentum carry him to the opposite side, finishing off with an extreme 180 onto an exit ramp.
Fellow crew members Breyton Paulsen and Falko One was also there to show their support (Falko even painted one of his famous elephants to round off the big moment) and gave us a quick shoutout.



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