Facebook’s doing it, Instagram’s doing it, Twitter’s doing it, Snapschat’s doing it – Let’s face it – Live Streaming is ALL the rage!
CSA’s Executive Director and industry expert Davin Phillips will be one of the speakers at this year’s prestigious IAB Digital Summit on the topic of Live Streaming. Here are the answers to some of our burning questions too!
IAB: Live streaming is the new commodity of Social Media content, who currently owns the space?
Davin Phillips: Youtube/Google hangouts were the one’s to reckon with followed by Twitter BUT now, Facebook DOMINATES with Insta stories and FB Live 2nd. Google/ Youtube is great for major events (sports/ politics) whereas Twitter/FB/Snapchat generates mainly amateur content.
IAB: The war is on – who will take over Live Streaming in the next 2 years?
DP: With 1.5 billion active users, FB definitely has the audience! And with Twitter/Periscope dwindling, more users migrate to FB LIVE and now IG. Google is the veteran in the race though with the best quality content. And then, however, silly it might look- Snapchat has a unique POV offering with their new Spectacles.
IAB: The pressure is on for brands to use LIVE STREAMING – what are the pitfalls, any tips?
DP: User Generated Content is the main protagonist for Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat and brands are sure to follow with LIVE campaigns.
Pitfall: Original content can’t be shaky, it needs to be rehearsed, pre-packaged and approved which mostly defeats the purpose of “LIVE”.
Tip 1: Have a guideline playbook handy with do’s & dont’s for LIVE content.
Tip 2: Plan ahead and keep LIVE STREAMS within your strategy.
Tip 3: LIVE streaming is a tool, and not all tools are needed for every job.
Tip 4: LIVE streaming is a golden touch for a campaign and should be integrated into the overall campaign.
Tip 5: INVEST IN EQUIPMENT! – Go Pro’s, Drones, lighting – stability equipment will be imperative for any agency to acquire.
Tip 6: Offer brand campaign training.

IAB: South Africa’s data costs are high – how will this affect the growth of LIVE STREAMING?
DP: Both FB & Google are racing to supply wifi to rural communities, which will increase access to certain types of content in the long run and with both networks wanting to gain critical mass from rural Africa and the 1.2 Billion people that inhabit the continent they will control access to live streams.
Two main contenders limit streams from rivals and offer it for free/ cheap, which may result in a booming entertainment medium
Exciting news for brands whom have only been able to reach a small percentage of the rural population via “traditional” mediums – the prospects are massive, especially for advertisers.
IAB: What is the future of LIVE streaming?
DP: To answer the question, the future’s so bright we got to wear shades!
LIVE streaming is nothing new – but the way platforms are packaging it make it accessible – (ex. Snapchat specs)
Most import is the way in which we consume – access to smartphones where the content is accessible at any time and anywhere.


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