It’s May and summer is still around (what’s up with that btw) but let’s get real who doesn’t love the warm weather?
So before we run out of sunshine, make the best of it with our hot summer mix tape, courtesy of the bands who rocked the river at Up the Creek!
We are talking Early Hours, Forefront, Opposite the Other and Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions (yes, it is their actual summer playlists combined into one)!
So weather (see what we did there) you are heading to the beach, chilling out in the kiddies pool (Instagram/ Snapchat/ Facebook/ WhatsApp/ Nandos stories that!), or having a go at perfecting the margarita, put on this mix tape and dance!
Another tip to make summer last a little longer – wear swimwear regardless of context. It might even help pin down that summer fling you wanted since watching Grease (listen to Summer Loving in case you are too young to know what we are talking about).
But when the temperatures eventually start to drop, it doesn’t mean you should turn down the volume because summer can also be a state of mind…
You know what to do next…


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