21-year-old rapper, Shane Eagle, has made it his mission to disrupt the South African music scene with an unmistakable cool and ease

Words: Tshiamo Seape


Shane recorded his first song at the age of 13. So filled with confidence and talent that he was offered free studio sessions on the back of his potential alone. Fast forward 6 six years to Shane’s mainstream debut on the Vuzu TV Hip Hop reality show, The Hustle. A gruelling competition saw Shane reach the top three before elimination but as so often it is with great talent, all that was needed was some exposure; one opportunity to let the world know who he was. His life after The Hustle has been a series of giant leaps bringing him ever closer to the heights of Hip Hop. “My life after The Hustle has changed a lot – more bookings, more opportunities, more respect,” he told trulove.co.za.

What sets Shane apart (one of the many, many things) is the extreme ease he seems to carry himself with. Considering the sheer pace of his success one would expect growing pains of some kind, but Shane continues to deliver like clockwork. His style is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hip Hop and one can’t help but be drawn in by those nostalgic flows. Songs like Julia and Cutting Corners demonstrate his musical sensibilities while the videos for those tracks show a commitment to aesthetic excellence. Shane, through his music and vision, is determined to elevate the rap game in South Africa.

Backed by industry heavyweights AKA and Khuli Chana (to name a few), Shane’s CV continues to grow. On the DJ Speedsta produced, Mayo, Shane is in his element: He rides the wave of this slow banger with ease letting the beat do its work. Its subtle flourishes are never overshadowed by his verse, allowing the listener to appreciate all the elements of the track.

Adding to his impressive list of accomplishments, Shane opened for J Cole on the South African leg of his tour. Just one year removed from his reality show breakthrough he was sharing the stage with one of the world’s most popular rappers.

While admirable, these milestones pale in comparison to Shane’s greatest achievement: becoming a label boss. As co-founder of Eagle Entertainment, Shane has taken his destiny into his own hands and secured his future as one of the brightest stars on the horizon.

Instagram: @shane_eagle
Twitter: @Shane_Eagle

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