Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town has officially kicked off and with designers from across the African continent coming together to showcase their latest and greatest it is bound to be three spectacular fashion-filled days. This season, The Wire will make sure you have front row tickets to all the action! Words: Bianca Agenbag
Meet designer SHANA MORLAND set to show on the 23rd of March at 20h30 
When Shana Morland stepped onto the scene we expected her to be talented (Stefania Morland being her mother and all) but her designs with their intricate details, beautiful embroidery, unusual cut-outs and eclectic silhouettes, has exceeded each and every expectation! The 20-somehting is already gearing up for her third fashion week and if her past shows are anything to go by this young designer is not only following in her fashionable mother’s footsteps but carving out her own her own path. Check out every look from Shana’s latest collection below!
CSA The Wire: Tell us about your new collection? 
Shana: Winter 2017 has gone to the galaxy for inspiration. There are lots of metallic, shimmer and feminine silhouettes.
What inspired your collection? And where do you usually draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from anywhere, be it from everyday life to international trends and catwalks. I used to be very inspired by ready to wear garments, but in recent times I have found a new love for creating unique special occasion pieces.
How far in advance do you start planning for Fashion Week?
I usually aim for about 1 and a half month, from concept to completion. This time, however, time has not been on my side, but once the process begins it is usually an organic and easy progression where the excitement of seeing the completed garment keeps me up to all hours of the night.
How do you approach the production process from beginning to end?
First, it’s about creating a theme or establishing a trend. I always like to put together a mood board which keeps a collection cohesive and allows ideas to stay fresh. Next is finding fabrics, trims, and beads. Once this has all been collected we begin production.
What criteria do you use for selecting models for your show?
African fashion international (AFI) handles all model selection and we work with the show producer to best match the clothes with the fabulous models. We have been working with lots of the same models over the years and it has been great to establish these relationships.
Which designer are you looking forward to most for Fashion Week?
Definitely my mother’s show, but it’s great to see what all the designers have come up with.
Do you have any rituals before a show?
Usually, just a glass of wine to calm the nerves, but there comes a time when you realize there is nothing else you can do but to let the collection speak for itself.
Describe your design ascetic
My aesthetic is very feminine with a sexy understated edge. I believe clothes should be unfussy and not drown the wearer. Everything is about balance from the silhouette to the detailing.
Tell us more about your love for intricate detail?
It’s hard to stop myself! I always challenge myself to see how I can transform a plain piece of fabric. I can never just sit and watch TV, I am always busy embellishing something. I m not one for over dramatic shapes but more for the subtle detailing.
Most memorable career moment?
There have been many defining moments in my young career. From first showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to opening up my first store, but the one thing that never gets old is seeing my loyal customers wearing the garments and loving it.
Your mom is a very famous designer – What was it like growing up and did she influence who you are a designer?
Being able to learn from my mom has been the most beneficial and empowering introduction into the industry. Her understanding of fabrics and design is something that has established her as one of our favourites in the fashion industry.
What decade should you have been born in and why (from a fashion perspective)?
The exact one we living in!
Current obsessions?
Flared sleeves and anything metallic.
Which artist would you like to collaborate with?
I love supporting my friends. In the past, I have worked with illustrators and jewellery designers. I love collaborating because you get differing inputs.
If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you choose and why?
Moulin Rouge.  If it wasn’t for being born in this era it would be the corsetry and amazing costumes (which is my other love).


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