The Rise of Vigro Deep.

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  • Leveraging his creative voice to create the biggest song of the year.
  • Understanding his sound.
  • Artistic Integrity.
  • A Music Heritage.
  • A Bright future

Vigro Deep will forever be synonymous with attaching the sound of Amapiano to the biggest song of the year, Focalistics’s cross over international hit “Ke Star”. Not only was the song heard in every venue from Joburg to Lagos but his remix, featuring Davido, propelled the track up to #8 on the U.S. Billboard Charts. Almost immediately, the remix solidified the genre as the sound of contemporary South African dance music, a wave that’s taken Amapiano across Africa and now globally.

But this was no fluke. Kamogelo Phetla’s legend has been building to superstar status at lightning pace considering that it was only in 2017 that the then-teenager learned how to produce beats. A year later, his breakthrough hit, “Vula Vala” (featuring Nokwazi), became an instant dancefloor favourite and Amapiano albums then dropped like pennies from heaven, including: “Baby Boy 2 reloaded” (2019), “Baby Boi III” (2019), “Road to baby boy II” (2019) and “Rise of Baby Boy” (2020).

His sound.

Vigro adeptly took on and fused the unique syncopated groove of Pretoria’s townships with the real-time evolution of the Amapiano sound. In turn, his intuitive production techniques evolved beyond his contemporaries, with jazz and R&B sensibilities boldly pushing forward along with more stylised vocals compared to his earlier works. It all laid the foundation for the “Ke Star” remix to come while his unique sound also endures in the three different versions of his 2019 single, “Untold Stories,” each of which were declared dancefloor anthems

Artistic Integrity.

With fast fame came quick offers of signing to record labels, yet the young artist remains independent – a calculated act of rebellion, self-preservation and self-ownership. “Growing up, I saw a lot of artists signing to labels and sometimes they ruined their careers. I’ve seen a lot of people make mistakes so I told myself that I will not be the person that does that. So I started my own record label and signed a licensing deal with (independent record label) Kalawa Jazmee,” explained Vigro.

Thoughtfully, Virgro also collaborates with artists who are up-and-coming and have not yet broken through. “I like to work with a lot of people who are unknown and give them a platform so that they become well-known. I feel like, as a producer, I am now focused on collaborating with people who are talented but aren’t really familiar,” said Vigro. Names like Sax, Khumz, Rethabile, Thomas, DJ Bucks, and MhawKeys will soon become prominent features.

A Music Heritage

Victor Ngcongwana is Vigro’s father. The iconic house DJ is one of the founding members of The Godfathers of Deep House South Africa, laying Amapiano’s sonic inheritance. His influence is discernible throughout Vigro’s creative work and business acumen. But it is the origin spirit of Amapiano – with DJ’s producing tracks in their bedrooms – along with his autonomous self-reliance that mostly characterises Virgro Deep’s profound ascent. While maintaining total control of his creative output, he is strategically becoming one of the top and most sought after producers in the country.

A Bright Future.

Vigro’s future is one based on thoughtfulness and determination. “People love me for the music that I make because I came with a different style. I don’t do what other artists are doing,” he says. “I am doing my own thing. I am building myself and it’s time that I arise and show that to the world.”

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