The rise to power of the video sees the fervent anticipation of social media users fully embracing the content in 2020.


But can we say we are surprised at all? They tick all our boxes. They are versatile, easy to share across multiple platforms, easy to consume, entertaining and above all they hit the engagement sweet spot.


Key platform players like Facebook and Instagram have instituted a calculated thrust for video content as evidenced by Instagram’s recent algorithm driving a particular inclination and liking-for when ranking for content.


Research conducted by Cisco indicated that by 2020 an expected 75% of mobile traffic will be video. The implication for marketers is resounding, simply because this format of content ups the return on investment. The upward trend for longer form video content (3min +) by content creators and networks alike, as supposed to shorter briefer clips ensures greater ad placement and more revenue. Again, no surprise that the 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report concludes that well over 50% of marketers intend to expand the implementation of marketing related video to top platforms.


In a revealing outcome of a Sprout Social Survey, consumers found video to be the most transparent format of content on social media, opening up a rich vein of trust and believability to be placed into action by the power of its sheer immediacy.


So what can we expect see more of come 2020? A mix of “How-To” videos, “Customer testimonial ”videos and “IGTV video for business” offer a basket of targeted messages that incorporate showcasing captivating and informative content for audiences to better understand products and or services, relatable testimonial content that show business from another view point especially from someone who is not calculatedly PR or marketing to the viability of video options that amplify the visibility of products as well as educating and engaging consumers.


Video didn’t just kill the radio star, it came back to revolutionize social media.

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