Da L.E.S drops new album “CAUTION TO THE WIND”

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Entertainment, Music, Talent, The Wire

  • Rapper mixes Hip-hop and Amapiano genres in first single, “Elon Musk”
  • Collabs with AKA, Focalistic, Nadia Nakai and Major League
  • Mostly created & produced during lockdown

Multi-platinum rapper, entrepreneur & music trailblazer, Da L.E.S returns with a long-awaited new album, “Caution To The Wind”, an array of summer hits, experimentation and innovation, that showcase the artist’s immense creativity and collaborations with AKA, Focalistic and Nadia Nakai, amongst others.

“This album speaks to overcoming challenges, reaffirming a belief in oneself, being positive and, as always, having fun. It has allowed me to work with friends like AKA and Ismail as well as artists who are taking hip hop to the next generation, such as Focalistic,” says Da L.E.S.

The first single, “Elon Musk”, features popular artists Focalistic, Kamo Mphela & Jobe London. Produced by Da L.E.S., GT Beats and Mphow69, “Elon Musk” is a unique fusion of Hip Hop & Amapiano genres in way that’s never been done before.

“Sonically on “Elon Musk”, I think GT Beats, Mphow69 and I did something really dope and different,” says Da L.E.S. “Working with Jobe London, Kamo and Focalistic really happened when we decided to fuse the two genres: Hip hop and Amapiano. I love collaborations and exchanging energy with younger artists

“Courtroom” is an epic collaboration with Ismail Morabe (one of the original members of Jozi). 10 years later, the creative duo sound as fresh as ever. We have created something uniquely African in the hip-hop vernacular, with a homage to the early 90’s, but altogether completely modern. This is a real concept track, considering the topic, Ismail’s vocal styling and my rhymes,” says Da L.E.S.

The track, “What You Thought?” featuring Nadia Nakai is the definitive club banger. Da L.E.S. says it’s an anthem for anyone who feels they have been undermined and undervalued but flourished in the process. “Nadia is so good on this track. We had a lot of chemistry and fun pushing the envelope and this track is fire!” said Da L.E.S.

For the long time Da L.E.S fans, “Gucci Snakes”, featuring Maggz, is a masterclass in Hip-Hop, with raw, authentic storytelling.

“Caution To The Wind” was mostly created during lockdown. “I would go into my studio feeling inspired and laydown tracks. These began to evolve organically, each track having its moment, creatively,” says Da L.E.S of his working process. “It came to represent being positive when dealing with adversity”

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