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Nigeria is the cauldron in which the newest sounds of African music are being cooked up, and served to a global market who just can’t get enough. As the pendulum in World music trends swing has in Africa’s direction, contemporary Nigerian producers are having a significant moment, not only settings trends but crafting new sounds. Mainstream releases like DJ Cuppy‘s Original Copy and Fireboy DML‘s Apollo provide an accurate snapshot of what is happening right now and a view into tomorrow.

In the past 18 months P.Prime has worked with mainstream stars like Zlatan, Fireboy DML, and DJ Cuppy. The talented young producer – whose career is just taking off – is already in huge demand. He cites his time at Sarz Academy in Lagos as immensely impactful. “I learned so much music wise. With Sarz as my mentor, I could hit him up and tell him I wanted to work with a specific person and ask if he could put us in contact which he mostly does. Learning and working with him was a phenomenal experience.”


P.Prime works with a new sense of professionalism, given the opportunity of projects he has been landed. His lesson from these experiences: “Perfection can’t really be achieved; it’s the imperfection that makes what we work on unique”

A young producer, Type A has risen to prominence with his work on projects by Blacqbones and Fireboy DML. He brings a particular depth and authenticity to the soundscapes he designs for artists. “Most of the time, emotions inspire what I create,” says Type A. His creative process relies on sounds that spark emotions with beats that convey feelings. 


As for working with artists, he says: “Most of the time, I let the artist do what they want because it’s their song and I’m just helping the process along.” This understated sense of humility belies the talent of this young producer whose song, “Haba”, was declared as Blacqbones’s single of 2020 when the artist first heard it.

A singer, songwriter, producer and audio engineer, Bond came up the through the ranks of producers in a time when the internet in Nigeria was more of an obstacle to the creative process. These days he will produce an artist on one day and mix & master for someone else the next, whilst simultaneously writing a song for someone else.


He has famously produced house beats for artist DJ Cuppy, known for her “Neo-Afrobeats” (a fusion of Electrohouse and Afrobeats). “Working with Cuppy is always exciting. She tries her best to be an integral part of the music. It’s not just about making beats and sending them out to the artists. She’s always dedicated to the music,” says Bond.

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